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Keep It A Secret!

Posted by Douglas Hoover on Sunday, February 21, 2010, In : Maybe not funny but interesting! 
I like to use video clips of parents talking about my shows so other moms and dads can feel confident hiring me. Today I mentioned this after one of my birthday party magic shows but the mom and dad begged off going on camera citing they worked for the government and didn't want their likeness on the internet! So instead they gave me verbal recommendations. Cool.

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Generious Dad

Posted by Douglas Hoover on Friday, February 19, 2010, In : Funny Happenings at Shows 
I don't know how funny this is to you but it made me smile! After a show last weekend, I was loading up my car and a dad of one of the kids came up to me and slipped me some money saying how much his daughter enjoyed me and my show. Now, I don't know why he felt compelled to give me money as opposed to just saying how much he and his daughter liked me but is was very nice. It just seemed unusual and made me smile. Did he think I worked for tips? I was underpaid or that by giving me money it m...
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Bunny Funny

Posted by Douglas Hoover on Friday, February 5, 2010, In : Funny Happenings at Shows 
Okay, to start off the funnies I'll relate a Bunny Funny that happened when I started out in magic. Right after I magically produced the bunny at the end of the show, the bunny decided that he needed to relieve himself. So he let it fly as I was holding him up and a stream of yellow liquid came showering all over me. =(
Let me tell you, the kids were screaming and laughing. They say Tragedy is when something happens to you. Comedy is when the same thing happens to someone else. Well to me gett...
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Fun Party Happenings

Posted by Douglas Hoover on Friday, February 5, 2010, In : Funny Happenings at Shows 
I have had some funny happenings at my shows. Here you can read about some of those that might bring you a chuckle! I'll try to update these pages as they come up. Doug

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Doug's Funnies

Comedy Kids Magician Doug Hoover Some funny things happen at my shows. I'll post some that might give you a chuckle!