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Lucky For Me!

Posted by Douglas Hoover on Wednesday, March 17, 2010, In : Funny Happenings at Shows 
I performed my magic show at an outdoor festival in my town. A nice sized crowd was there.
Now, if you have seen my show you probably have seen one of my signature routines where I tie some ropes around a male adult's middle and then all the kids who want to get to help pull the ropes through his body. A real crowd pleaser and fun for both the kids and adults watching.
At this show I spotted a man who has come with his daughter many times to the restaurant I perform at. He has been a great guy ...
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A New One?

Posted by Douglas Hoover on Sunday, March 14, 2010, In : Funny Happenings at Shows 
This never happened before! I performed at a birthday party in a park yesterday. It was a great party with lots of kids and parents that participated and enjoyed the magic show. But as I was setting up and the kids were starting to sit in front, the three year old birthday girl came with her mother to sit down. She was a little shy as three year olds can be. I smiled and made bit of eye contact to show I was safe and friendly. She seemed happy to engage at that distance.
So now I bring out my...
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Posted by Douglas Hoover on Tuesday, March 9, 2010, In : Funny Happenings at Shows 
Is this funny? You be the judge!

It has been raining quite a bit out here in sunny California. I can't complain too much about going to parties in the rain when the rest of the country is in hip deep snow. I do feel for those who have to get to shows in that! But getting from the car to inside in the rain, without and umbrella (I guess I could make two trips so I can carry one) is not fun.

But something odd happened at this birthday party show. The party was already in progress in the gara...
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