Is this funny? You be the judge!

It has been raining quite a bit out here in sunny California. I can't complain too much about going to parties in the rain when the rest of the country is in hip deep snow. I do feel for those who have to get to shows in that! But getting from the car to inside in the rain, without and umbrella (I guess I could make two trips so I can carry one) is not fun.

But something odd happened at this birthday party show. The party was already in progress in the garage. This garage was one that had doors at both ends so you could have a large access way to the back yard. But it also allowed them to open it up and put canopies over the doorways to enlarge the space. Good idea as the guest list was large and they totally filled up the available space.

So as I arrived in the rain I came up the driveway and walked under the canopy. As I came to the actual garage doorway where it met the canopy a little water was coming through there. Okay, so a few drips would get on me. No big deal. But one of the adult guests was standing there and as I walked through he raised up the canopy portion to let the water that was pooling on top pour through and some of it drenched the back of my case. I thought at the time he didn't want the weight of the water to pull on the canopy top too much. The dad saw this happen and asked if I got wet. I said no, just my case and asked for some napkins to wipe it down.

End of story until later when I finished performing and was making balloons. Then I had a chance to see the same guy do the same thing to another guest arriving and this time he got the timing right so they were drenched with the water fall! I realized then it was no accident. What the what?!? I like comedy but I guess I don't get practical jokes like this. I would be horrified if a guest or performer of mine got soaked like this.

So you decide, is this funny or not?