I performed my magic show at an outdoor festival in my town. A nice sized crowd was there.
Now, if you have seen my show you probably have seen one of my signature routines where I tie some ropes around a male adult's middle and then all the kids who want to get to help pull the ropes through his body. A real crowd pleaser and fun for both the kids and adults watching.
At this show I spotted a man who has come with his daughter many times to the restaurant I perform at. He has been a great guy so I thought it would be fun to use him for the rope routine. He comes up and is smiling and having a good time. Well, when it is time to tie the ropes around his middle and I put them around his back, imagine my surprise when I realize under his shirt he has a gun tucked into his pants! I look at him and he looks at me and says under his breath "I'm a police officer." Good. Because I would hate to think I had found the local bank robber. I would have been more worried if he had been a total stranger but because we had talked many times at the restaurant I felt totally comfortable finishing out the routine and laughing with him.
So lucky for me that the guy that came up with a gun in his shorts was someone I had met before!