No, I am not talking about Harry Potter style magic. I am talking about the feeling of magic we experience. Of wonder. Something inside, a surprised feeling. I tell my magic class students the problem with learning how a trick works is that the the magic disappears for you. When you see a great magic trick you experience the sense of wonder. When you show someone a great trick they experience it and you have to get the enjoyment through them.
So it is rare these days I experience that feeling of magic myself. I will go to the Magic Castle to see a great performance but it is not that often. But I did experience it before I left for a show on Easter.
I was loading up my magic gear in the back of my car. Making a few trips since this was a bigger show for a country club. As I came up to the car, sitting on the bumper was a little blue basket with Easter goodies in it. Jelly beans, little chocolate eggs, the green grass sticking out of the sides. I looked around and there was no one in sight. I had just walked into the house, grabbed another case, walked back out and there it was. It really seemed to have appeared like magic. Did the Easter Bunny leave it? I had no idea. So I really felt that magic experience. Surprise, curiosity and happiness. All the things that should be in a magic show.
So that reminded me what is really important in a magic show. Bringing that feeling to each child in my audience. The candy is gone now but I have the little blue basket sitting in my car's cup holder. Every time I get into the car now and see it, it makes me smile and remember that magic moment. Real magic.