Had some fun at one of my favorite libraries yesterday, the Quartz Hill Library. I did two shows for them as they are such a popular library. The kid count was 134. More with the parents in the crowd. This library even requires sign ups or you can’t get in! Very different than the library I used to take my kids to.
Anyway, the reason I am so proud, proud like a grandparent, is a boy came up after one of the shows and said he knew some magic. He had taken a magic class at his school and wanted to know if I knew his magic teacher. As a matter of fact I did. It was one of my teachers using my magic class materials. I asked him what were some of the tricks he learned and what he liked. He said he really liked his teacher and loved his class.
The woman teaching the class never knew any magic before teaching this class. She has taken to it like a cat to catnip. She has fun with it, plays with the kids and they laugh together when something goes wrong. A perfect magic teacher/coach.
So I thought he is my students student. Like a grandchild I was so proud of. I never mentioned how I knew his teacher. I just appreciated he wanted to share with a magician he was one too!