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Balloon Swords Drive Mom Crazy

Posted by Douglas Hoover on Friday, May 21, 2010, In : Maybe not funny but interesting! 

Moms have to put up with a lot. I know, I was one myself (a Mr. Mom during the week and performing shows in the evenings and weekends.) So when a mom books me for a birthday party magic show and she wants me to make balloon animals for all the kids I bring up the subject of Balloon Swords.
Kids love them. Mostly boys love them but some girls too ask for them. I love them. I practiced the martial art of fencing for years. One of my favorite movies of all time is the Three Musketeers with Micha...
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Six Year Old Host

Posted by Douglas Hoover on Monday, May 3, 2010, In : Cool Kids 
You really get see a variety of children’s personalities performing magic at their birthday parties week after week. And learn how each child reacts in situations. Some are eager to participate, some are cautious at first waiting to get to know you before participating and some just like to sit and watch as if the magician was a television set.
But at one of this weeks birthday party shows, I met a six year old boy, let’s call him Frankie, who was outgoing and eager to help but was differ...
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Comedy Kids Magician Doug Hoover Some funny things happen at my shows. I'll post some that might give you a chuckle!