One of my shows this weekend was at Edwards Air Force Base. Very cool visiting the place where air speed records were broken time after time and Chuck Yeager was the first to break the sound barrier. Edwards is also the western landing area of the Space Shuttle. So while I didn’t see any strange shapes in the sky, I did see cool planes on the ground and just visiting the base was cool. My dad was in the Navy and I have been to the Long Beach Navel Base many times seeing the awesome ships of our Navy. They are much more imposing in person when you see how large they are. Like the Rose Parade floats, to see them in person and not just on a little TV screen (I don’t care how large your Big Screen TV is,) is much more impressive!
So what does this have to do with magic shows? Nothing. It was just so cool and inspiring to be there and one of the reasons I love performing magic is the places it takes you.