Pool Party!

Yes, here in Southern California many parents ask if I can perform at their pool party. No problem!Just have the kids dry off and have extra towels ready as little ones can get cold when sitting outside watching the magic show after being in the pool.

But what I wanted to share for your pool party is a great safety idea and something that will give you piece of mind during your party!

I was a pool lifeguard when a teenager and am still always aware when around pools for safety. If you are going to have a pool party do yourself and all the parents who come a favor by hiring a lifeguard! Then all the parents (and you) can relax and enjoy the party conversation without having to keep a constant eye on the kids in the pool.

Where to find one? Call the YMCA/YWCA or Parks & Rec in your area. Other places to check are country clubs or if you live by a beach the city.

Can't find a Lifeguard to hire?

Try this wonderful safety idea:

One adult will always be "On Guard" with this lanyard hanger! Here is a blog post on the idea:


You can buy one or make your own:


If you make one, send me a pic!

(info.doughoover atgmail.com)

Have a safe party!

Here is the first time I saw a Life Guard at my magic show. It was in Ojai-

Here is a Life Guard at my show in Ventura.

The parents were having a relaxing time!

Here is the "On Guard" lanyard: 

With tips on the back for non-life guards:

One adult is always wearing this and watching the children. When they need a break they pass the lanyard to the next adult so there is constant supervision going on.

I hope this idea is useful to you!